Gemedet Video Services

Terms of Service

DVD and Blu-ray Discs

All of our videos on DVD and Blu-ray are covered under our 30 day satisfaction guarantee. If you have any problems playing our DVD or Blu-ray discs within 30 days of purchase please e-mail us.

We will at our discretion either replace the discs at no cost to you or refund the purchase cost depending on the nature of the problem.

Streaming Video

We strongly advise testing your computer and Internet connection using one of our free videos prior to purchasing access to any of our paid streaming videos. If you have not tested your computer yet, go here and verify that one of our free videos play for you before purchase.

You agree that Gemedet Video is only responsible for providing the streaming video signal to the media server. Once the video stream is transferred via the Internet, a large number of things can impact streaming media performance including high Internet traffic, problems with your ISP, etc. These factors are out of Gemedet Video's control.

You agree to keep your login information to the Gemedet Video website secure and to not share your login information with any other user.

You agree that should your access to the streaming video be interrupted your only recourse is to work with your Internet Service Provider and your computer system to resolve the problem.

If the video streams are not provided in a timely manner, we will at our discretion provide extended access to the videos, a partial refund, or a complete refund depending on the nature of the situation.

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